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Full Version: Allan Pinkerton
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By James Mackay, copyright 1996.
Not a good book. Purchased for $1 at the local library book sale, and I'm donating it back. Pinkerton had an interesting life, but this book doesn't tell his story very well.
Large section of the book cover the civil war years. Pinkerton worked for McClellan and the author is a McClellan apologist. According to the author, Pinkerton in his later years suffered a stroke, had a difficult and long recovery, and he had issues with his temper that became more severe as he got older. The book has some interesting information, its just not presented well.
Thanks Gene. I'll save my dollar.
Yes - thanks, Gene! (I always appreciate your - anyone's - reviews).
Just noticed a 2014 series available on Netflix called "The Pinkertons." Has anyone watched?
Many thanks to Kieran McAuliffe for sending the link to this 6 1/2 minute video:
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