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Full Version: Lincoln by David Herbert Donald
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Excellent one volume biography with 580 pages of text, and over 60 pages of sources and notes.
Published in 1995 it may be the best single volume biography of Lincoln in the past 50 years.

It covers his entire life, more than half of the book covers his presidential election and years served as president.

It took me a while to read through it, but it's a great book.
This in my opinion, is a must have book for your Lincoln library.
I purchased my soft bound copy (in very good condition) last year from the local library book sale for $1. There are many good used copies available on Amazon for les than a dollar.
A new copy is less than $8. New or used, it's well worth it. I would suggest that for the size of the book you purchase a hardcover copy.
My all-time favorite. If I had to decide on one book on the matter only this would be it.
I agree it's one of the very best single volume cradle-to-grave biographies of Lincoln. The notes, which comprise over 80 pages, are just as interesting as the book. Highly recommended.
I love it. I bought my hardcover copy in 1995. Smile
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