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Full Version: Lincoln - A Pictorial History
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Very well done, 132 page biography with over 150 photographs, maps and illustrations. Written by Edward Steers.

The first chapter on Lincoln's American ancestors had a few photo's I don't recall seeing before. Further on, Mr. Steers presents a more favorable view of Thomas Lincoln. A quick look at the Lincoln - Rutledge romance is given, I found the section regarding New Salem nicely summarized.
The rest of the book is equally well done. I learned that during the Civil War, Stanton and his family also spent their summers with the Lincolns at the Soldiers Home in a cottage similar to theirs. The Lincoln family spent up to 30% of their time at the Soldiers Home during his presidency.

The book is large, soft bound, and a used copy in very good condition (which is what I purchased) can be found for less than $10.
A larger (more pages), hard bound version is available.
I have this book and second everything Gene said. It has some neat photos such as the one of Lincoln's stovepipe hat and shawl hanging in the hall just inside the front entrance to the Lincoln home in Springfield.
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