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Full Version: Lincoln's Surgeons at His Assassination (and more)
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A few weeks ago, I mentioned a new book by Dr. Wayne Temple that concentrated on medical things and medical people related to the Lincoln assassination. We now have it in-stock in our gift shop at Surratt House for $28 plus $3 postage.

Here's a hook to get you reeled in (as Herb would advise!). Did you know that Charles Leale's father drowned in 1843, when Charles was just a one-year-old? His mother was very young and had a very wealthy father, so she remarried within the year to a man named Wilson. Charles always referred to him as "father," not "stepfather," but there is no record that he was ever adopted.

There are similar tidbits on nearly (if not all) doctors involved in this piece of history -- and plenty of photos and scans of original documents as well as annotated citations.

To top it all off, the front cover of the dust jacket has a portrait of Lincoln done by Lloyd Ostendorf specifically for Dr. Temple. I think it represents Lincoln en route to Ford's Theatre.

"and more..." I just purchased for the James O. Hall Research Center a 2015 book by Michael Francis D'Amico. Entitled The True History of Lincoln's Assassination, the description proclaims that the author scoured libraries and book stores for years to find the real story. I have just scoured his text, and it appears to be a compilation of other people's publications - from books to magazine articles. Some typical errors, like the wrong photo of Clara Harris.

It's hard cover with no dust jacket, but the old textbook style of image and title burned right onto the cover (which I kinda like). It is probably good as a basic, beginner's book. If we can beat the Amazon price, we might sell it in the gift shop.
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