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Full Version: There I Grew Up
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by William Bartlett. About the Indiana years of Lincoln's life as a boy - teenager - young man. The author was employed as a ranger and historian at the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial.

The author uses Lincoln's own comments about his boyhood, and Herndon's interviews with Lincoln's family (including his step- mother) and neighbors, and gives more background information. These interviews are part of the book.
I can highly recommend it, however, it is not a retelling of Lincoln's youth, and it is not the first book I would recommend if you are just beginning to look at Lincoln's life in Indiana. For that I would suggest Lincoln's Youth by Louis Warren and/or The Frontier Years of Abraham Lincoln By Richard Kegel

I was able to get a used - like new copy for less than $10 (including the S & H)
Joe Di Cola mentioned this book on the forum back in 2013, and I purchased a copy then. I second Gene - good book!
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