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Full Version: Giant in the Shadows
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Last weekend I started reading Jason Emerson's "Giant in the Shadows" and I just finished it. It was nearly impossible for me to put the book down! And, the book changed my views of Robert T. Lincoln, views that I have owned for 60 years. When Roger Norton had mentioned he was reading the book I sent him a communication in which I expressed that I had never warmed up to Robert and stated a number of reasons. He encouraged me to read Emerson's book, stating that he thought I would, perhaps, change my mind about Lincoln's oldest son. Others who contribute to this forum also mentioned that they were reading the biography and thought it was a well-researched and well-balanced assessment of Robert T. Lincoln. So, I thank Roger and all of you other contributors to this forum for your thoughts on the book since it directly led to my purchase and reading of a great biography. I have come to respect Robert's achievements and, although I still have a few reservations about some of his decisions, such as his hagiogrqaphic approach to how his father's life was recorded and in a few other areas, I much admire him for the way in which he lived his life. As has been said, he turned out as his father had wished for him. It is reported that, when Robert died, former House Speaker Joe Cannon siad, "...The public I do not suppose, ever will come to regard the man at his true worth." Thanks to Jason Emerson I, for one, have come to regard Robert T. Lincoln at his true worth. If you are out there, Jason, thanks for this contribution to the Lincoln literature and for re-educating me about Robert.

I wholeheartedly agree with your post. I had always been interested in RTL but never really was anxious to read a biography, until I saw Emerson's book. When I started it, like you, I couldn't put it down. It will stand as the standard biography.

Joe and Rob, I totally agree with both of you gentlemen. Jason is a member here on the new forum, and I have talked to him, but he is just too busy on his other projects. He has THREE more books coming out in 2012 including a book-length history of Hildene. Once he finishes up all his current projects I'll try to give him a little hint about posting.
I do hope Jason finds time to post on this forum. He is a wonderful person as well as a great historian and writer. We have had him speak at Surratt House functions quite a few times - always a hit!
Wow. Thanks everyone for the flattering comments on my Robert Lincoln book. After spending nearly 10 years on it, it's always nice to hear that people like it!
Jason, your book is a veritable encyclopedia of information. I cannot tell you how many times I have referred to it regarding a variety of questions that have already arisen on this forum! Kudos on your terrific book!
Just finished reading this. Purchased it out of curiousity from comments of people on this web site more than anything else. I was pleasantly surprised. Very informative, well writen and flowed well. About 420 pages with another 150 pages of footnotes and bibliography (I didn't read all the footnotes, but even many of them were interesting as they were more than just references to source material.) I recommend it to you, if you enjoy history. Everything good Joe, Rob and Roger said, and more!
I read "Giant" after reading "The Last Lincolns". Both excellent reads and I'm glad I read "Giant after "Last". I think they pair well and together give a much fuller understanding of the Lincoln family.


I couldn't put down 'Giant' once I started reading it.
Excellent book!!!
And it made me change my opinion of RTL
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