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Full Version: Two Illinois Homes?
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Went to an estate auction here in town. Found a bargain. I bid on and won a 10 X 13 inch sepia tone coloage of the Lincoln homes and won for only $2. It was produced in 1924 and sold at Lincoln Post Card & Photos, J. C. Shull, 2158 14th St., Springfield, ILL. As you look closely, there is one home in Kentucky, one in Indiana, one in New Salem and two in Illinois. Shouldn't it be two in Kentucky, one in Indiana, One in New Salem, and only one home in Springfield? See attached image. You would think Illinois would have this correct!

Rick Brown
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They may be considering when Lincoln helped his family settle near Decatur as his first home in IL. He lived here for almost a year, They lived here during 1830, the year of the bad winter.

Cool print. Congratulations on a special find.
That's neat - the image would make a perfect board for a "Lincoln game of life"!
A brief glimpse of the places Abraham Lincoln called home.

February 12, 1809 - Spring 1811 -- Sinking Spring Farm, Nolin Creek near Hodgenville, Kentucky.

Spring 1811 - December 1816 -- Knob Creek Farm, Kentucky

December 1816 - March 1, 1830 -- Little Pigeon Creek Farm, Spencer County, Indiana

March 14, 1830 - March 1, 1831 -- Homestead Sangamon river, 10 miles west of Decatur in central Illinois.

July 1831 - April 15, 1837 -- New Salem, northwest of Springfield, Illinois (he boarded with various families)

April 15, 1837 - November 1842 -- Springfield, Illinois. Lincoln boarded with friends and stayed in country inns and farmhouses while traveling the legal circuit.

November 1842 - fall 1843 -- Springfield, Illinois. After Lincoln married Mary Todd in November 1842, they lived briefly at the Globe Tavern.

Fall 1843 - May 1844 -- Springfield, Illinois. Lincoln rented a small three-room frame cottage at 214 South Fourth Street.

May 1844 - February 11, 1861 -- Springfield, Illinois. Lincoln purchased in May 1844 a house at the corner of Eighth and Jackson Streets.

The Lincolns also lived in a boarding house in Washington during his term in Congress. They rented their Springfield home to Cornelius Ludlum and later to Mason Brayman and after elected President leased the house to Lucian Tilton (who remained there until May 1, 1869).

February 23, 1861 - April 14, 1865 -- Washington, D.C. , the White House.
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