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Full Version: Lincoln and Phillips
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David L. Phillips and Mr. Lincoln were great friends. I really know little about Phillips. When was he born, when he passed away? Does someone have a photo of Phillips?

And Mr. Orlin H. Miner (1825-1879)? Does someone have a photo of him?
(02-05-2015 10:33 AM)loetar44 Wrote: [ -> ]And Mr. Orlin H. Miner (1825-1879)? Does someone have a photo of him?

Kees, here is a photo of Orlin H. Miner:

[Image: orlinminer.jpg]
Who are Philips and Miner?
They were both on the original Board of Directors of the National Lincoln Monument Association:

[Image: board.jpg]
(02-05-2015 01:43 PM)Gene C Wrote: [ -> ]Who are Philips and Miner?

And when Lincoln's body was removed from the receiving vault to the temporary vault on December 21, 1865 Phillips and Miner were among the six personal friends of Lincoln who identified him. They (and the other 4) again identified Lincoln on September 19, 1871 when the coffin was moved to the wall crypt in the Lincoln Monument. The other four were: Richard J. Oglesby , Jesse K. Dubois, Newton Bateman and Ozias M. Hatch .

Thanks Roger for the photo of Miner.
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