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I know this is old news, but I wrote a review of the book Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. I haven't seen the movie and don't plan to see it until its on TCM! The book wasn't half bad if you like "mash-ups, which I don't.
Karen: I have not read the book nor seen the movie. Thank you for the informative review of the work. And, as a bonus- I now know what a "mash-up" is. Nice...
Karen, nice review of the book. I have not read the book yet, but have come close to buying it a couple of times at our local Books-a-Million. I did take my son to see the movie which I found completely entertaining!

Excellent review, Karen! However, I have not read the book - nor do I plan to! I like some fantasy, (never did like Si-Fi) but I'll stick to history, biography and good historical fiction. Haven't seen the movie either, but from what I saw of the costuming, it appeared that the director/producer couldn't tell the Federal era from the Victorian! Cool
I was informed today there was another Lincoln movie in 2012-Lincoln Vs. The Zombies. I'm not kidding? Anyone else hear of it?
(08-17-2012 08:55 PM)LincolnMan Wrote: [ -> ]I was informed today there was another Lincoln movie in 2012-Lincoln Vs. The Zombies. I'm not kidding? Anyone else hear of it?

Oh good grief. How about Lincoln vs. the Hollywood morons putting out this dross.Angry

If that were possible, Lincoln would kill em' all-I'm sure. Apparently, it went straight to video. Zombies are really big right now.
Here's another Lincoln movie. Verge Films is producing a film called "The Genesis of Lincoln."

Plot Summary: "When a passionate filmmaker sets out to make an Oscar-worthy movie about "the true paternity of Abraham Lincoln," he is forced by the studio to cast a teen pop star he despises. Hatred soon turns to lust, however, as he falls into a highly inappropriate relationship with the girl, thus setting up parallels to his Lincoln script in this life-imitates-art movie-within-a-movie."

There is a picture of the actor who plays Ward Hill Lamon here.
Verge Films? Laurie, you have a side job? Roger, I thought your post was a joke until I followed the link you provided. It's no joke! Yet another Lincoln movie!
Laurie told me she had nothing to do with this, but I don't know...
Trust me - I would not and did not have any connection with this film. The worst that I have been involved with is History Decoded. And, thank heavens, they cut most of my part out of the final product so that they could spend more time on the "Booth escaped" theory.
Well I both read the book and saw the movie. I actually enjoyed the book. I felt the novel did a decent job of telling Lincoln's life story while detailing his night job of killing vampires. It was humorous and a quick, fun read in my opinion.

The movie, on the other hand, was pretty bad in my eyes. While the actor playing Abe did a good job, I hated the vampires. Dressed in period garb and whatnot, I sort of expected them to be "classy" vampires. When they were impersonating humans, they were. But the second they went into vampire mode, they turned into weird beasts:

[Image: 0.jpg]

To me, vampires should have two fangs and that's all. Give them superhuman strength if you want, but make them look like vampires.

The worst part of the movie to me is how they strayed from the book. Like I said the book was silly but had some basis in factual events. The movie throws that premise completely out the window. Suddenly Abe and his African American best friend are on top of a train racing towards Gettysburg fighting off vampires while the bridge the train is on is on fire. Goodbye any aspect of reality. The biggest crime had to be the omission of Lincoln's assassination by the hands of the vampire John Wilkes Booth. It was in the book, but the movie ends with the Lincoln's on their way to the theater instead. What a let down.
Dave: thanks for sharing your review of the movie. I have the book but haven't read it. I just purchased the movie from Amazon. Busy as my life has been-I didn't see the film at the theater. I don't mind spoilers, by the way. Smile
The movie left the impression that the Battle of Gettysburg lasted several months in the fashion of a WW1 battle. Yes, there is a planned Lincoln vs. Zombies film. I believe Jane Austen was the first literary/historical figure to be caught up in the current craze for meeting monsters.

Will Jane Austen be in the Lincoln zombie movie and if so will Mary Lincoln be jealous?
The Zombie film isn't planned-its out- and available to purchase at Amazon!
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