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Full Version: James McPherson in the New York Times column By the Book
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James McPherson answers questions about his favorite (and not so favorite) books on history.

"What’s the best book ever written about the Civil War?

"The best book is actually an eight-volume series published from 1947 to 1971, by Allan Nevins: “Ordeal of the Union,” “The Emergence of Lincoln” and “The War for the Union.” It is all there — the political, economic, social, diplomatic and military history of the causes, course and consequences of the war, written in the magisterial style for which Nevins was famous.

"Do you have a favorite biography of a Civil War-era figure?

"Jean Edward Smith, “Grant.” A lucid and empathetic account of the victorious general and underrated president that helped usher in the current revival of Grant’s reputation."
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