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Full Version: Lincoln's Funeral Train: The Epic Journey from Washington to Springfield
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Lincoln's Funeral Train: The Epic Journey from Washington to Springfield by Robert M. Reed

The Lincoln funeral and the nearly 1,700-mile epic journey of the funeral train was the biggest single event to happen in the lives of American citizens at the time. At least seven million people without the aid of radio, television, or internet actually witnessed some part of the historic occasion. Eyewitness accounts from nearly 150 years ago and historic images present this remarkable journey of President Abraham Lincoln's remains, from the nation's Capitol to his final resting place in Springfield, Illinois. More than 440 cities, towns, villages and byways were on the route in 1865, and each is included in this fascinating volume. The veteran author draws from reports, documents, and contemporary narratives to finally fully present the event. Long-forgotten photographs and dozens of Lincoln-handled documents are included, adding further authentic flavor to this enthrallingly detailed, true-story of the historic Lincoln Funeral Train.

Robert Reed is a seasoned author of 18 books on topics that have included antiques, collectibles, covered bridges, regional history, American presidents, and even Colonial Law in early America. For more than three decades he has been a resident of one of the communities where the historic Lincoln Funeral Train stopped on its 1865 journey from Washington, D.C. to Springfield, Illinois. He shares his Indiana home with two dogs, Cowboy and Jessie.
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