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Full Version: Early Life of Abraham Lincoln
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Written by Ida Tarbell. Copyright 1896, about 240 pages. This is the first book by Ida Tarbell I've read. Considering it was written over 100 years ago, it is very good. Covers his life up his 26th year. It ends with the death of Ann Rutledge and its effect on him. The book has a photograph or illustration on almost every page. It is available free on line.

When I saw a new reprinted copy available for a reasonable price ($7.99), I decided to get my own copy. The publisher, Forgotten Books, did a very poor job of reproducing the pictures. While I highly recommend the book, get it from a different publisher. Don't get this version.
I have such a reprint (funny - printed in Leipzig, Germany!) and I love this book! Especially the many unique pictures (unfortunatelly the quality is indeed a bit poor). It begins with Abraham's grandfather (actually with a table of the ancestors back to the emigration from Norfolk). It contains a lot I've not seen elsewhere.
I really appreciate Forgotten Books as they make such old books available.
I have the first edition of this book and have referred to it many times. It stands the test of time well.
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