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Full Version: William Tidwell's-"Confederate Covert Action In The American Civil War-April'65
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Tremendous Read!-A Lot of information about-Patrick Charles Martin.Such as-He was in charge of The Confederate Secret Service in Canada based out of Montreal.He did meet with Booth in Montreal.He drowned in a shipwreck in The St.Lawrence River.He and Booth did deposit $$$ in a bank in Montreal.He and Headley were part of the NYC hotel fires.
Recently there was an article about Booth and Montreal on a Canadian website:
Anyone familiar with this book? “Booth was definitely in and out (of Montreal), and he may well have discussed this plan, but they were never able to nail it,” said Adam Mayers, who authored “Dixie & the Dominion: Canada, the Confederacy and the War for the Union.”
I'm not familiar with it or Clayton Gray's Book "Conspiracy in Canada.

But, a good used copy of Mayers's book is available for less than $6 if someone wants to read it and report back to us on it.

It's a Canadian publisher, so it may have more of a Canadian history perspective than an American.
I have and read the book.Booth and John Surratt were together at the St.Lawrence Hotel in Montreal.
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