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Full Version: Footnotes, endnotes or online notes?
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Yep - hotel security had to pull those two away from the bar at closing and drag them to their rooms! The Surratt Society had to pay an extra fee for guest control. LOL P.S. I think they became good buddies over a discussion concerning Andrew Johnson, Booth, and Ella Starr Turner?

No response necessary, please...
Consider it an 'education fee'.
(03-30-2014 09:17 AM)JMadonna Wrote: [ -> ]
(03-29-2014 06:53 PM)Wild Bill Wrote: [ -> ]this reading method got me my degree 2 years faster than the rest of the History Department candidates. Thank God for long footnotes!

Bill, you sure represent 'old school'. The most common complaint I hear from professors is that PHD students don't read anymore. Many don't even bother to buy the books. It's all about the professor's power point presentations.

On the topic of power point presentations . . .

Meetings in the corporate world are all power point presentations . . . this format is also the norm at community presentations and even at church. One cannot avoid them.

This quotation from a previous edition of Business Week is spot on about presentations (whether preaching, speaking, etc.):

“The best speakers at any corporate level today grip an audience by telling a story and showing some slides to support that,” says Thielsch. "The boldest among them do away with slides entirely."
I am a visually oriented person, so I loved the old-time slides as well as the new PowerPoint presentations. I especially love PP (once you get the projector to distinguish between PC and Mac) because you can be so creative with it -- especially when you have someone as talented as Julie on my staff. I must admit that I am disappointed when a speaker comes without visual backup.

It also beats the heck out of slides that get stuck in those old carousel projectors! I wasted a many a minute during my teaching days and when I used to go on the lecture circuit for Surratt House in prying those things out with whatever was skinny and pointed!
Not saying PP doesn't have a place in education. However, if students are unwilling to read the books and opinions of others who have gone before them - then the opinion of the presenter holds sway.
I see PP as supplemental material - not the only source.
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