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I found three View-Master reels at my parents house called the, "Lincoln Heritage Trail". I posted the Ford's Theatre and Petersen House images on my site, but I thought it would be fun to share the other images from the reels here. First, you can read the booklet that came with the reels here:

Here are my attempts at photographing the images from inside the View-Master along with the caption provided for each image.

"1. Girlhood home of Nancy Hanks, Mother of Lincoln"
[Image: photo-dec-25-9-13-36-pm.jpg?w=510]

"2. Lincoln's birthplace, near Hodgenville, Kentucky"
[Image: photo-dec-25-9-13-52-pm.jpg?w=510]

"3. Replica of his early childhood home, Knob Creek"
[Image: photo-dec-25-9-14-18-pm.jpg?w=510]

"4. Monument marks his boyhood home in Indiana"
[Image: photo-dec-25-9-14-32-pm.jpg?w=510]

"5. Grave of Lincoln's mother"
[Image: photo-dec-25-9-14-44-pm.jpg?w=510]

"6. Indiana cabin replica show Abe studying by fireplace"
[Image: photo-dec-25-9-14-56-pm.jpg?w=510]

"7. Lincoln trail monument marks entry into Illinois"
[Image: photo-dec-25-9-15-08-pm.jpg?w=510]

"8. Lincoln-Berry store interior, New Salem, Illinois"
[Image: photo-dec-25-9-13-14-pm.jpg?w=510]

"9. Statue of young Lincoln at restored New Salem"
[Image: photo-dec-25-8-57-19-pm.jpg?w=510]

"10. Ann Rutledge grave, Petersburg, Ill."
[Image: photo-dec-25-8-57-59-pm.jpg?w=510]

Part 2:

"11. Logan-Lincoln law office, still in use at Springfield"
[Image: photo-dec-25-8-58-50-pm.jpg?w=510]

"12. Abe practiced law in this old Illinois courthouse"
[Image: photo-dec-25-9-12-36-pm.jpg?w=510]

"13. Lincoln family home at Springfield"
[Image: photo-dec-25-9-12-51-pm.jpg?w=510]

"14. In this room Lincoln heard news of his nomination"
[Image: photo-dec-25-9-13-02-pm.jpg?w=510]

"15. Lincoln-Douglas debate memorial, Freeport"
[Image: photo-dec-25-8-55-01-pm.jpg?w=510]

"16. Diorama shows Lincoln leaving Springfield for White House"
[Image: photo-dec-25-8-55-20-pm.jpg?w=510]

"17. Lincoln put final touches on Gettysburg address here"
[Image: photo-dec-25-8-55-45-pm.jpg?w=510]

"18. Gettysburg monument honors famous speech"
[Image: photo-dec-25-8-56-07-pm.jpg?w=510]

"21. Lincoln Memorial, Washington"
[Image: photo-dec-25-8-54-51-pm.jpg?w=510]

Here's one of the reels, too:

[Image: lincoln-viewmaster.jpg?w=510]
Many thanks for posting these, Dave. I remember having a View-Master (too) many years ago. I spent a little time trying to figure out #17 but then realized it's the David Wills House. I think the Rea & Derick pharmacy is long gone; that's what initially threw me off.
Dave -

These are priceless! You are lucky to have them. I, too own an original 1950s View Master from my childhood.... But I don't have this particular reel....

Hang onto this - it's priceless!
(12-26-2013 09:00 AM)BettyO Wrote: [ -> ]Dave -

These are priceless! You are lucky to have them. I, too own an original 1950s View Master from my childhood.... But I don't have this particular reel....

Hang onto this - it's priceless!

I am "Stymie"d (a pun for you, Betty!) as to when this VM was made. I wondered if the flag at half-mast was due to RFK's death, but forgot that the theatre was restored six months prior to that. The Ford Fairlane parked in front means it's post-1957. I wondered if it was at half-mast for Truman or Hoover, but the former died when it was already very cold, (trhe lady in front of the PEtersen House is just wearing a blouse) and HST died in '72. Maybe it was some old senator or former Cabinet member. If I see one of these on ebay that comes with the booklet, perh. there's a copyright date on it.
I once had a hundred VM's as a kid. I have all the other Lincoln ones, but I don;t think this one.
Wow, that sure brings back memories for me too. Were the viewmasters always red in color? Mine was. I also has a "give-a-show projector that we would use our bedroom wall as the screen. It seems to me that we had cartoons like Yogi Bear and the Flintstones.
The View Masters (herein "VM's") were not red when thy were new. THey were in vibrant faithful colors. These tend to redden with age. I have seen some that have also turned a little blue. Does anyone remember the rectangular plastic case you could buy to house your VM collection? The cover was creme colored, and the base was a reddish brown. It had a space for the viewer, too. The orig. viewers were black. (Is that what Betty O. has?) About 15-20 yrs. ago I began to collect some of the ones I had as a kid. These include TV cowboy shows -- The Lone Range, Wild Bill Hickock, Roy Rogers, The Cisco Kid, and Gene Autry. SOme of the VM's are very expensive, like the Freedomland set and the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II set. (I have them both, as well as the landing of Apollo 7. Well, I should get back to Lincoln here, right? So here goes: Did you know there was an episode of "The Lone Ranger" about a man who liked to play Abraham Lincoln? Can anyone list all the Lincoln VM's? (excluding any that show Mt. Rushmore.)

FOR SALE -- My extra 8 lobby card set from the 1956 Cinemascope movie, "Prince of Players." All are in color and in very good condition. Two depict John Derek as John Wilkes Booth. One shows him hamming it up backstage in a Shakespearian getup with people watching (including Richard Burton as Edwin.) The other shows him after being dragged from the burning Garrett barn. Soldiers and a lady in her bedclothes are kneeling beside him. These are each currently selling on ebay for $20 a piece plus s/h. (That's $ 160!) I'll sell all 8 of mine for only $70 plus s/h.
(01-05-2014 09:39 PM)emma1231 Wrote: [ -> ]Did you know there was an episode of "The Lone Ranger" about a man who liked to play Abraham Lincoln?

Is this the fellow - go here and scroll to 19:30 of the video.
Yes, that's the episode! How did you find it (in such great quality!) and put it on your site? I sure have a lot to learn about computers! Hope everyone here enjoys it.
Richard, that is a link to You Tube. The video is not on the forum itself. I just took what you said and did a search on You Tube trying to find the episode you mentioned. Actually it didn't take long to find it. I loved the Lone Ranger when I was growing up and rarely missed an episode. My wife's favorite when we were little was a show called The Range Rider.
One time, Bonanza had an episode about a fictional friend of Abraham Lincoln who showed up on their ranch. Ben Cartwright telegraphs Washington to confirm the man's claims which the President confirms and asks him to come to Washington to be of service to him there.
In another Bonanza episode Ben Cartwright reads a newspaper account of the "house- divided" speech to a crowd in a saloon- some of the listeners are divided themselves on how they view things politically- thus mirroring the state of the country at that time.
In my antique store travels now I always stop when I see the View-Masters for sale. So far, I haven't found any of the round inserts pertaining to anything Lincoln. The search continues...
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