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Full Version: Galesburg photos
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Here's some photos from a couple of years ago when I spoke in Carl Sandburg's hometown of Galesburg, Illinois. Copies of the photos will be available in the gift shop after the tour is over. Big Grin

The reason for the trip. I presented the paper on the friendship between Sandburg and James G. Randall that I had given at the Conference on Illinois History the previous year.
[Image: takt.jpg]

Cheryl and I standing in front of Sandburg's birthplace.
[Image: b33p.jpg]

The living room of the Sandburg birthplace.
[Image: db7x.jpg]

The bedroom where Sandburg was born.
[Image: qhew.jpg]

The family kitchen.
[Image: dk04.jpg]

The family dining room, literally two steps from the kitchen.
[Image: 7smw.jpg]

The museum in the visitor's center, which is a house next door.
[Image: wny2.jpg]

The typewriter on which Sandburg wrote part of Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years.
[Image: j8ya.jpg]

Statue of Lincoln at the railroad depot.
[Image: ixyl.jpg]

Rob, I sure hope you have an opportunity to travel to Connemara someday. I guarantee you will love it.
I hope so too, Roger. Given my growing hatred of driving, I'm not sure if that will ever happen, however.


Thanks so much for sharing all of the pictures from your jorney to Kentucky and Indiana. Thanks, too, for the pictures of the Sandburg birthplace in Galesburg. The latter is a site less frequently visited by Lincoln people, and the photos will at least give them a chance to see where Sandburg's remarkable life had its beginnings.

All the best to you, Cheryl, and Droopy,

Thanks Joe. One thing I wish I had done was visit the other homes Sandburg lived in in Galesburg. We just didn't have enough time. I also would like to pay my respects at Tarbell's grave in Titusville, Pennsylvania.

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