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Full Version: Lincoln Photos Part 2
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Second group of photos.

Representative Lincoln boyhood cabin in living history village.
[Image: f0ij.jpg]

Bas relief sculpture representing Lincoln in Kentucky.
[Image: tv3t.jpg]

Lincoln in Indiana
[Image: tflg.jpg]

Lincoln in Illinois
[Image: 9wkj.jpg]

Lincoln in Washington
[Image: 8ua1.jpg]

Lincoln belonging to the ages
[Image: lyu1.jpg]

Not sure if I ever posted this. It's me kneeling next to the grave of Carl Sandburg in Galesburg, Illinois.
[Image: si1m.jpg]

A number of years ago I shot panoramas/virtual tours of about a dozen Lincoln-related historic sites in Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois. Also the Surratt Tavern. View them at:

Rick Brown
A Nonprofit Organization

Thanks so much for the pictures. It is interesting the story of the cabin(s).

Vicki and I visited the site once in the 1970's, and my memory is extremely vague. I think we ate in a restaurant near Evansville which made the claim Lincoln either ate there or slept there. I could be imagining that, though.
That's not your imagination, Roger. That would be the Log Inn.

Thanks, Rob. Vicki and I had long forgotten the place's name.
Thanks again Rob- especially like the Sandburg grave photo.

Thanks for the memories. Now I really am motivated to revisit those sites. Like Bill, I also enjoyed the photo of you by Remembrance Rock in Galesburg.

Thanks guys.

When I get home I'll post a few more pictures from Galesburg. I gave a speech there a couple of years ago at Sandburg's birthplace.

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