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Full Version: The Last Confederate Heroes
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While on the subject of new books I just wanted to again congratulate William Richter on his two volume book The Last Confederate Heroes. I finished volume two and have to say it was just as good as volume one. I found the story line to be excellent. This book really enlighten me to all the struggles and life changes that the southern people had to endure. Not to mention a detailed account of the assassination of President Lincoln. Finally at the end of volume two are endless references to books and articles for further reading. Two thumbs up Mr. Richter. On another note I am sure that most of you have already read American Brutus by Michael Kauffman. For some reason I started a while back to read it but then for some reason I stopped. Then I remembered reading a thread written by one of you about how American Brutus was an excellent step by step explanation of the assassination of president Lincoln. I started reading the book again and now that I am now half way through the book I have to say I am really enjoying the story line. Great book. Best Gary
Gary -

So glad that you read Wild Bill's Last Confederate Heroes.

I keep saying that this is the very BEST assassination novel I've ever read! He has covered all the bases regarding research and history while bringing pertinent historical figures to vibrant life at the same time. I feel it is definitely a "must read."

Kauffman's American Brutus is, I feel, one of the best assassination books ever written. Be sure not to miss that one either!
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