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Full Version: Washington Arsenal Explosion
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Just purchased a new book that came out last year on the explosion at the Washington Arsenal in 1864, which claimed the lives of seventeen women and young girls who worked there. History has recorded that Lincoln and Stanton participated in the funeral procession for these women, but I have found very little on the event itself.

The full title is The Washington Arsenal Explosion: Civil War Disaster in the Capital, and the author was Brian Bergin, who gathered all the research and had written the book. He was in the process of finding a publisher when he lost his battle with heart disease in 2009. His daughter, Erin Bergin Voorhees, finished the final editing and publication in 2012.

127 pages complete with photos, notes, and bibliography.
Sounds like a great book, Laurie! Thanks - I'll keep my eye out for this one. Will it by chance be for sale at Surratt House?
The victims are all buried at Congressional. I believe they have a pretty good amount of information.
There is a marvelous Victorian high monument to the ladies at Congressional with every name on it, and it is topped by the statue of Grief done by Lot Flannery.

Betty - Joan and I were discussing selling it at the museum today during the fall luncheon. I think we should get at least a minimum order. Our bookshelves are so crammed now that we have a sale going on, but what's one more worthwhile book...
There is an article and some photos that I don't believe I have ever seen before here. Lincoln Day By Day says Lincoln attended the funeral (June 19, 1864) that afternoon and then, accompanied by John Hay, attended a sacred concert in the evening at Ford's Theatre. Mary Lincoln was staying at the Fifth Avenue Hotel in New York on that date.
Nice picture of Julia Grant!
I just posted a list of used books for sale through Surratt House on the Mary Lincoln and Boys topic. Take a look.
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