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There are several versions of where Anna resided immediately after her mother's execution. There is a report that she returned to the boardinghouse that night only to be greeted by curiosity seekers who were trying to get into the home to get souvenirs. Realizing that she would be constantly pestered if she remained in the city, she went into seclusion with her uncle and grandmother near Surrattsville and also with school friends in Baltimore. This was verified to me years ago by her grand niece.

There is also a story that the Brophy family took her in for awhile. I am not quite sure of the accuracy of this. However, the Holohans did return to the residence later to help Anna get things in order.

Actually, there were so many financial problems and bills that could not be paid that equity proceedings were first filed by one creditor within four months of the execution. The sale of the house to John C. McKelden occurred at auction on June 26, 1866, and was ratified by the D.C. Supreme Court on November 13, 1867. It took that long for all the creditors to be satisfied (and some never received their payments because they were owed more than the sale of the house brought. Mr. Surratt had paid $4000 for it in 1853; it brought $4700 at auction).

It was not until March of 1869, that they lost the Surrattsville property. Anna married Dr. William Tonry the following June. And yes, she did save pieces of furniture that had belonged in the house.

I should add that the boardinghouse was in good shape and part of a very respectable neighborhood during the mid- to late-1800s when the Surratts owned it. They acquired it in 1853 and used it as a rental property until 1864. Its residents during that time were mainly employees of the nearby Patent Office. A music teacher also lived there for awhile. The area did not decline until the early-1900s when the poorer Chinese community was forced backwards away from Capitol Hill where they had first been. Today, the area is seeing a revival thanks to the Verizon Center.
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